Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Simply Make Impression On Girls

Compliment her, but do not over do it.

Think of something positive that can be said ... and actually mean it! Do not say "I love shoes" if she takes a beating sneakers! Complementing their clothing or appearance is not a bad idea, but you run the risk of being predictable. Try to be original, and if it comes naturally to you, good humor. Do not force it, but if you're not naturally funny man!

Respect Her.

Girls hate it when it does not and is a HUGE turn off. Give your space, do not put her down and keep your hand in your car. If you do not give the girl her space required can be angry at you and start a discussion that can lead to a breakup.

Take It Slow.

Do not flirt automatically get suggestive, or change the tone of the conversation at the time she thanks him for the compliment or laugh at your jokes. Many people may be a bit shy, so if you think this way do not try to force things. Shy people usually do not like other people, they just need a little more time and space to get to know you. Pay special attention to the signs that you may have taken a step too far in their "comfort zone"!

People like when someone is sincerely interested in what they think and say.

But if you are not interested do not try to pretend. Listen and encouraging women to talk about the things that interest not only help to keep the conversation in two ways, but will help you determine if she shares any of your interests first, and could even help to think of a enjoyable activity that you could share if you decide to ask her out.

If you really like a woman and think like you, so go ahead and ask her out, but remember, if he says no, it's not the end of the world!

If she says yes try to think of something unique and creative to do, but try to do something that is in public, preferably during the day or on a weekend.

We live in a world full of strange people and do not have any reason to think you're not one of them! In addition, nightly dinners carry a lot of luggage and the desired expectations for a lot of people, so it's best to wait until further down the road for that!

Be Yourself

Do not boast, girls hate that.

You do not want to make him think you're an idiot egocentric.

It's good to agree with her ​​about things, but if every time you ask your opinion on something you just nod or say "safe", they either do not think you're listening or do not care, it is possible no, but you do not want to give that impression.

Do not just say you disagree, say why you disagree, you will most likely appreciate your response and know that you are listening to it.

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