Thursday, 8 August 2013

Make The Impression That No Girl Forgets

The first some seconds of meeting up with any girl will decide your future with her and it is hence critical that you impress the girl within those precious moments. The first impression you create will create or break your relationship with the girl even before you tell hi. Exploit these seven ways to create a mind blowing first impression on any girl and sweep her off her feet in the first couple os seconds itself.

It is important to dress well for a date however this is not nearly as important as the first impression you create on her. A lot of guys today lose out because of bad first impressions. The evident tip is to dress smartly however in ways that suits your body structure. Find shows that for men clothes are very important when making the first impression.

What might be not in the current fashion world might create you look like a monkey therefore it would be better to stick to clothes that suit your body frame. Girls are always looking for intelligence and good looks in a friend. Of course smelling good and a haircut that creates you look chic and macho at the same time would also be a big plus and any girl will surely get impressed as soon as you come into view.

And believe it or not they are also looking for a little bit of cockiness and houmor. A positive and confident attitude too will radiate the right signs and draw the girl into your aura. As soon as you meet the girl you have to create strong eye contact. Introduce yourself with a pleasant smile and a slightly company handshake a hug or a nod of the head depending on the situation.

Friends you also need to remember that any other anatomical location is strictly off limits. What this does is that it stimulates very strong feelings of love in her. A good sense of humor will go a long way in keeping any girl happy in your firm and the first sentence popping out of your mouth should launch the girl into peals of laughter. One you begin up a conversation with her keep your gaze fixed on her eyes for a some more seconds that you normally would and create sure you are in sync with what she is saying.

Your eyes too can impress andy girl within seconds. These seconds of extra eye contact will establish a strong connection with her. Look into the girl's eyes with your own twinkling eyes that indicate fun and mischievousness. This will project the image that you are intrigued and fascinated by her and you want to know more. Let your eyes promise the girl that good times await her in the future.

Once you do this your first impressions will improve dramatically and you will be more successful with women. Your body language too should send out the right signals. This just may change your whole life and the way you interact with women. This will inform the girl that you are pleased to look her and will also create her emit similar signals. Remain cool and relaxed instead of appearing tense. This will create the girl feel special as it will create her feel that you have your eyes set only on her.

It is immediately friendly and disarming and she will discover it much easier to respond to you and converse. Women do not like shy awkward men. Anybody who wastes her time will always leave a bad impression. If you want to ask her out then introduce yourself and ask for her number. She can block you if she wants to however she will be interested enough to at least want to know a bit more about you. 

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